Well many things can cause your computer to run slow. Obviously it does mean that something is wrong with your system and it needs some attention before it gets worse. If you do nothing about it then it will get worse and eventually it will be too late to save it if it is in critical state. This means that you may loose data and you will probably need to reinstall the whole operating system from scratch.

Malware and Spyware are the main cause of a slow system so it is best to run a virus scan on your machine. Corrupted or missing system and registry files are also a big factor in this problem, which can be after affects from viruses. This is what causes error messages every time your system boots up.

The system files are files that are used by the Operating system like Windows to run your computer, they are very important files. If they are damaged or missing then your system may not function properly.

The registry files are also important. The registry in other words tells the operating system what to do. For example; when you open up an application like Microsoft office or perform any action on your computer, like save a document, all this has to be sent to the registry first before the operating system can perform any type of action. If the registry is damaged then the operating system will not know what or how to action your request.

Another reason why your computer may be running slow, but very rare is a bad hard drive. This can mean that your hard drive is dying out, which happens from time to time due to the age of it, or the hard drive can just be faulty period. You will need a new one.

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