Well there was a time a few years back, when both machines had their advantages and disadvantages. But today this is not the fact anymore. PC' s back then where good for businesses that consists of writing a lot of text documents, which consists of one of Microsoft' s biggest suite Microsoft Office. This was one of the main software applications that made the PC big in its time.

Back then PC' s where concentrating more on that route, but Apple Macs where concentrating more on the media stuff, which consists of Graphics and sound. Macs out did PC' s when it came to the media option, but today PC' s have much better graphic cards to display high quality images and better sound cards to produce quality sound, which can match the Mac machines of today.

Since less people own Macs, this was one of the reasons why Macs are so expensive to buy and maintain. If you have a faulty hardware, then you can' t buy a new part through 3rd party vendors, which is the cheaper route, you will have to go through Apple to obtain it, which means more money to pay.

The only good thing I can say about Macs, is that they have less virus infections due to the fact that most viruses I written for PC' s because they are the most common machines used today.

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